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About 18K Clad

What is the Andrea Ventura 18K clad?
Andrea Ventura's 18k Clad is a marriage of two precious metals. It is made of Sterling Silver and a rich coating of 18k Gold over it. It is much like Vermeil, but the layer of gold is twice as thick as the usual vermeil thickness and more durable.
The result is magnificent jewellery that has the look of 18k gold, is both affordable, precious and more tarnish-proof than sterling silver or base metal gold plate.

Caring for 18k Clad jewellery
Clad jewellery is much more tarnish-proof than sterling silver and should not tarnish easily. However, like all silver and karat gold jewellery, care should be taken not to expose your clad jewellery to corrosive substances or soaps that increase the chance of a chemical reaction.
Your clad jewellery should be stored in so that it cannot be scratched or damaged by other pieces. To clean clad jewellery, polish it with a soft cloth. Do not use silver cleaners or abbrasives.